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Design points of die casting die
Date:2017-08-10 16:45:50   Author:   Source:
A die casting mould material. The most widely used materials are H13, SKD618407 and so on, but because of large castings needed to mold large-scale development, in order to suppress the crack and die quenching deformation, improve toughness and low deformation to develop rapid cooling technology, provided high levels of mold material toughness. To improve production efficiency and reduce the cost of die casting for high cycle operation, high cycle and past due to insufficient cooling and mold than increase the heat load, surface temperature of the mold so that the heat crack leads to an early rise. Due to the increase of internal cooling holes and more close to the cavity, the internal cooling hole and the cavity surface temperature the tensile thermal stress load increase rigidity is reduced, and is easy to produce stress corrosion crack, the water connected to the cavity so as to reduce the die life. Therefore, it is necessary to develop new materials which can improve life more than SKD6l. DAC is similar to SKD61 and is widely used, but its robustness is superior to that of SKD61. In order to improve its toughness, the DAC - S developed by DAC is 60% higher than the brake stiffness. In order to evaluate the level of toughness of materials for die casting mould, Die Casting Association of North America (NADCA) set AISI H13 (equivalent to SKD61) Charpy impact value, in order to more stable mold life, and set a higher grade of Prenium H13 and Superion H13 of the Charpy impact value. DAC - P is equivalent to the former, and DAC - S is equivalent to the latter. Die casting heat cracking measures should have high strength, toughness and strength is generally the opposite relationship, DAC - P and DAC - S due to its compact purification and tissue in HD at room temperature and high temperature and DAC have the same strength at high temperature of 20 degrees and 600 degrees of room temperature than DAC high 0.2% endurance. As mentioned above, there should be higher than SKD61 grade, greatly improve life, high temperature strength and toughness have greatly improved mold materials. As a die casting, high-performance mold materials are: DACIO, DAC55, DAC45 and the latest development of ZHD435. DACI0: in the 600 degree temperature zone, it has superior strength and is equivalent to DAC toughness. The utility model is suitable for precise die castings with high precision and high precision for components of electric appliances and communication machines. DAC45: at 700 degrees, the high temperature has a higher strength than other materials, and has the ability to resist softening, but it has less toughness than DAC and pays special attention to crushing cooling. Suitable for medium and small size die casting moulds. DAC55. It is characterized by high toughness, initial hardness, toughness and strength, balanced material, and its service life is 1.4 times higher than that of SKD6l. The utility model can be applied to the components of a cylinder body, a cylinder head and a driving system of an automobile. ZHD435. It has the same rigidity as DAC55 and can be used in large components, which has higher temperature strength than DAC55, and is more beneficial to DAC55 in thermal cracking and life.